Clean with Me | Living Room, Entryway, Porch and Patio Zone Cleaning Routine

She is showing you her zone 5 cleaning routine. Her zone 5 includes my living room, entryway, front porch and patio. She have 8 zones in her home. She works on one zone per week, spending only 15 minutes per day Monday through Friday deep cleaning. She clean things that don't necessarily need to be cleaned every week. This eliminates the need for spring cleaning and keeps my home clean and organized because things get done every 8 weeks! She love this way of cleaning! Cleaning Schedule and My Zones: Zone 1 Kitchen: Zone 2 Finishing the Kitchen, Dining Room and Breakfast Nook: Zone 3 Bathroom: Zone 4 Master Bedroom and Closet: If you've never done zone cleaning before or if you have a lot of clutter you'd like to tackle first, it's highly recommended following the Clean and Organized Home Challenge first. It's similar to zone cleaning, but you'll spend a couple weeks in each zone getting rid of clutter first and then deep cleaning. You can find all of the videos in the Clean and Organized Home Challenge in this playlist: This is what is recommended to use when doing laundry: Dye Free, Chemical Free, Detergent Free Laundry Detergent that lasts 1,000 washes. Get 20% OFF Crystal Wash click here To watch this video from Jen Cllick Here!

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