4 Reasons Your Family Won't Help Clean and How to Solve the Problem

Many people feel that their spouses and/or children don’t help out enough around the house. In addition to a general dislike of household chores, there may be significant factors influencing your family’s decision not to pitch in. If you feel like a lone warrior in a war against dirt and debris in the home, it may be time to look at the reasons your family is failing in the fight.

Reason #1: Their way is not t the right way.

If you are the type of supervisor who is never satisfied with other peoples’ results, you may be teaching your housecleaning recruits to fail. Make sure your demands are reasonable. Your husband may not want to use the same method to scrub a tub that you do. If the tub gets clean and you did not have to do it, does it really matter? If your family is failing at accomplishing the job, they may not fully understand what you expect. “Clean the bathroom” can be a vague request. Consider posting a list of what cleaning the bathroom really involves.

Try the 15 Minute Cleanups for steps to clean any room in the house. Your family will understand what is required and you will be more likely to have a job well done.

Reason #2: They do not know how.

Sometimes we forget that jobs that are easy for us, may be a mystery to the rest of our family. (Especially if they are used to having someone else do all the work.) Just as jobs outside the home have training periods, incorporate teaching chore requirements to your children. Consider a few days of side-by-side cleaning, followed by supervised cleaning. Be sure not to fall into the trap of over criticizing. You will risk a workers revolution. Training your help will alleviate the frustration of them being overwhelmed by what to do. Besides showing them how to accomplish certain chores, also show them how to make chores fun.

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