Window Cleaning Tips

No-stress cleaners.

Now you can clean with little effort. That's because Windex® Original Glass Cleaner works great for fast and easy cleaning of tough dirt and grime. It also works great on glass, mirrors, chrome, plastic, stainless steel and more.

Choose your weapon.

Keep Windex® Original Glass Wipes on hand to use instead of paper towels, for a streak-free, lint-free shine.

Special rooms, special windows.

I love scenting different rooms in my house, and SC Johnson products allow me to do that. For instance, I always clean the windows in my laundry room with Windex® Crystal Rain™ . Not only do I get that famous streak-free shine, but Crystal Rain™ leaves a refreshingly clean scent behind.

Smaller spaces, easy cleaning.

Cleaning small windows can be tricky. Try cutting a squeegee to the exact window size. First, remove the rubber blade and trim the metal blade holder with a saw. Then cut the rubber blade to match with a scissors or garden snips. For streak-free cleaning, run the squeegee across the top of the window pane, wipe the blade, and then run the squeegee in downward strokes starting at the bottom of the horizontal line just cleaned. Use overlapping strokes to eliminate water lines at the bottom.

Outside in.

Now here's an easy way to clean your windows from the outside.Windex® Outdoor Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner comes in a special package that attaches to your garden hose, so you can safely clean windows—even second-story ones. You can also use it on your patio furniture, play sets, and other outdoor surfaces.

On the fly.

Guests coming and you just noticed a spot? Yep, I've had my share of cringe moments too. That's why I always keep a package of Windex® Original Glass Wipes handy. They are premoistened so you can whip them out and shine up glass and hard surfaces without dirtying your hands or losing precious time. Once, I managed to catch a spot between the time the doorbell rang and the moment I had to open the door! That's fast!

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