We Would Like to Congratulate Chelsey Lauer Owner of JLB Simplify for Partnering With Us!

We had a pleasure meeting with Chelsey Lauer recently. She invited us to meet with her in regards to partnering with JLB Simplify in Kansas City. We had a pleasure learning about how she wanted to start her own business and care for her family. As we began to continue our conversation. We began to show strong similarities as business owners. She began to explain that she would constantly meet people who were clearly unorganized. She would walk into certain business locations and notice disarray immediately. Cringing to go behind the desk and say "Let me help you get this together". From what I have noticed their business is striving successfully with a 5 Star rating on Google, Home Advisor, Thumtack & Facebook. If you need an organizing company JLB Simplify would be our #1 Recommendation to Kansas City from Ready Cleaning Services!

Please Click Here To Visit JLB Simplify

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