Spring Clean Your Mind, Heart and Schedule With These Tips

June 7, 2016

Welcome to spring! With a new season upon us, one focused on renewal, rebirth, and awakening, let us take the time to cleanse our minds and hearts this week.

We often say on Her After - or attempt to say, and to stress upon, and to say again - how important it is to accept certain responsibilities in one’s life: being your own advocate for success and happiness, being the kind voice in the back of your own mind, undertaking the duty of surrounding yourself with positivity. As we divulge into this new season today, let us take special care to create strong foundations for these responsibilities. It may be easier to leave the dust in the attics in spring, or blame the weather or the bad night’s sleep or a coworker who brought the office mood down to a dull hum. But that would be avoiding our potential.

As they say, one must break down to break through. A break down does not always mean crying on the floor hysterically. Sometimes it means breaking down the elemental components of your own life, analyzing and doing any necessary cleaning with the precision of a mechanic’s hand on each bolt of the engine.

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